Holmfirth Pebble Project

Linking with the Facebook page “Holme Valley Pebble Art”, Holmfirth members have painted pebbles to commemorate the 100th anniversaries of both the RAF and the end of WW1. Our pebbles will be placed in locations around the Holmfirth area. Here they are so far (more might follow), and below is what to do if you find one:

1/ if you are on Facebook, we’d love to see a photo of your discovery both on our own page and that of “Holme Valley Pebble Art”.

2/ if not, you could send us a photo or message via email (friend@friendtofriend.org.uk) or ring 687773 and tell us where you found it, or tell us at one of our groups (details on our website).

Most importantly, please rehide the pebble somewhere else (make it pretty easy to find).

We will keep Holmfirth members posted about discoveries at our sessions.

This is a real trend, particularly amongst young families at the moment, and we hope you will enjoy sharing our pebbles and their travels!

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