Friend to Friend is a registered charity in rural South Kirklees, West Yorkshire. Our aim is to work with older people to enable them to improve their quality of life, combat loneliness and reduce isolation. We do this by providing a range of stimulating activities in accessible local venues. This includes Armchair Exercise, ‘Mobility Aid Friendly’ Walking Groups, Lunches, a Men’s Group, Activity Groups and Monthly Get-Togethers. All our members receive a regular newsletter.

Many older people can feel isolated for a variety of reasons; their families have moved away, they may have suffered bereavement, or they are new to the area (moving to be nearer family but leaving behind old friends). For whatever reason Friend to Friend exists to provide much needed companionship, activities to stimulate the mind and exercise groups to stay active. The majority of our members are over 70 years of age, with a range of needs. Everyone is treated as an individual. 

Our groups are open to older people who live within our various catchment areas (see our ‘Areas and Groups’ page for further details). Door to door transport is arranged where possible for those members that need it and live within our catchment area. Please contact us if you would like further information or know an isolated older person who you think would benefit from our groups. We will then arrange a home visit to discuss which groups would be appropriate, and answer any questions.

Our biggest project over recent weeks has been the Giant Community Cycling Jersey – to see our flipbook in fullscreen click the front cover below
To download a PDF version click here
To see what people are saying about it on Twitter search #giantjersey

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