Holmfirth’s “Circles of Friendship” Project update

Friday 2nd June saw the return of textile artist, Sue Clay, to the Holmfirth Project Group.


Members were invited to try their hand at ‘carding’ wool, where 2 colours are blended by brushing them with wire-bristled brushes.  Sue talked about our artist (Hundertwasser)’s interest in ‘windows’ as subject matter, and that he firmly believed no windows should have straight lines!! Several members then joined Sue to continue working on our shared felted pieces, creating woollen ‘windows’ to add to the pieces we did (shown below) in our previous session.


Sue will now take all our bits and pieces home to put together, and will return on 16th June to allow us to arrange and finalise our hangings. Our intention is then to display these at Sue’s Gallery as part of Holmfirth Art Week (1st week in July). Further details to follow.

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