in Marsden

Activity Group

Provides activities and opportunities for older people in Marsden  to meet old friends and make new ones in an accessible environment. Light refreshments provided.

Due to retirement,  our Marsden group is currently on an urgent hunt for new helpers. Get in touch if this might be you!

When: 2nd Thursday in the month.

Where: Marsden Mechanics Room. (ground floor)

Time: 10.30 am until 12.00 pm.

Cost: £3 including a hot drink and biscuit.

 Reminiscence and Activity Group

Provides an opportunity for older people to reminisce and partake in related activities.  Light refreshments provided.

When: 4th Thursday in the month.

Where: Marsden Mechanics meeting room. (ground floor)

Time: 10.30 am until 12.00 pm.

Cost: £3.00, including a raffle ticket

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One thought on “in Marsden

  1. The volunteers in Marsden secured funding from the Cuckoo’s Nest Community Grants for our Reminiscence Group to create a memory chest which was successfully ‘launched’ in Marsden Mechanics Hall in 2011. It is available for loan to other groups to look at and display if they wish. However, transport would be required as it is a four draw chest that contains much memorabilia and each draw has a perspex cover to protect the contents therefore the chest is quite heavy. We also have 2 boxes of memorabilia to accompany the chest. The contents of both the memory chest and boxes were donated by Friend to Friend members and volunteers and they are so evocative of times gone by! The chest contents include for example, a small pegged rug, crochet work, peg dolls, small commemorative cups, shuttles, pre-decimal coins and photographs. The boxes contain many things from the 1940s onwards, for example a whip and top, a skipping rope, comics, books, many household implements and much more. If you wish to ‘borrow’ the memory chest and the boxes contact the Friend to Friend Office who will inform us and we can then make arrangements for collection.

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