Working with Upperthong Year 3s

In May we were joined by the Year 3 class from Upperthong J&I School. They have been learning about the 1960s, and came to chat to our members about how life then was different for them. Many were young parents in the 60s, and could talk about similarities and differences in terms of technology, holidays, school, food, music, hobbies etc. The children were amazed to learn that some families didn’t have cars or TVs, those that did have a television only had 2 or 3 channels to choose from, which might only show grey fuzzy pictures, and if you wanted to make a phone call you had to stay joined to a curly wire!

1960s telephone

How times have changed!! We had a lovely 1960s themed singalong to start with, led by our regular singing coach Louise Curtis, and the children were lucky enough to have their packed lunches outside due to the lovely weather!

Here are some photos from our get together:

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