in Denby Dale

The Friend to Friend group for Denby Dale unfortunately no longer runs, but there are activities suitable for older people organised in the Denby Dale area, so please ask locally for further information.

2 thoughts on “in Denby Dale

  1. Hello
    I have spoken to today to an elderly lady called Pauline. She is quite a character around Denby dale As her and her husband were extremely keen cyclists and were always seen out about with Pauline on her low level lie down style bike. Her husband died a few years ago now and I usually see her pushing her bike around. She is quite lonely at the moment.
    Unfortunately I am extremely busy with work and my own family so am not in a position to help her out much but I did get her phone number and said I would try to find a group she could possibly meet people through. Can anyone help?
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Liz. Apologies for the late reply but I cant reply to messages from my phone, so had to wait til my PC was on! I’m afraid there are no Friend to Friend groups near Denby Dale (the nearest would be Holmfirth, but we have no groups running in the current Covid19 situation). I know the Denby Dale Centre have an amazing team of volunteers, and I’m sure can match your friend up with a ‘phone-a-friend’ at the very least in the current circumstances. They have been brilliant at supporting their community throughout lockdown and beyond. I’d start there. They normally run a variety of groups and offer accessible minibus trips, but I’m not sure what is on offer at the moment. Sorry we can’t be of more help. All the best, Louise.

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